Scenario Planning for Hotel Development and Strategy Professionals

Master the technique for visualizing future business landscapes

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Become a "Scenario Tiger": Learn how to foresee future change

In your work, you make recommendations and decisions that have enormous potential impact on the financial health of your company.

Scenario planning is a structured and yet creative way to foresee the opportunities and risks of different futures that could realistically materialize - futures in which your investment decisions will play out.

Following many requests from development professionals in the hotel industry, we at Scenario Tigers have put together a unique, comprehensive e-course addressing this need.

After taking this course, you will be able to...

  • Identify key driving forces that have the potential to change your future business landscape.
  • Determine the critical uncertainties that could be "make or break" for the success of your project, or your entire company.
  • Foresee different scenarios that could unfold as these uncertainties resolve themselves.
  • Seize the strategic initiative today so you'll be better prepared for whatever environment will emerge tomorrow.
  • Develop concrete action ideas to maximize your chances of success in each future scenario.

This scenario planning course is the first and only online course dedicated to teaching hotel industry professionals everything you need to know about scenario planning so you can immediately apply this technique to assess futures your own business could face.

Designed and taught by Woody Wade, who wrote one of the most widely read guidebooks on scenario planning, the course is based on his practical experience facilitating scenario generation workshops worldwide.


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Your Instructor

Woody Wade
Woody Wade

Over the last ten years Woody has designed and facilitated scenario planning workshops across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas, for clients in the hospitality industry as well as organizations in other sectors, ranging from tourism and higher education to banking and NGOs. He is also a frequent keynote speaker at corporate events, strongly advocating for strategists to use a scenario approach in order to “think differently about the future”.

Woody is the author of “Scenario Planning: A Field Guide to the Future”, published by Wiley, the largest business book publisher in the US. This practical handbook quickly became a bestselling reference work on scenario generation and was published in a number of foreign-language editions as well.

Here are a few additional highlights from his background:

  • MBA from Harvard Business School.
  • Executive Board member of the World Economic Forum, the foundation organizing the annual gathering of world leaders in Davos.
  • Director of Marketing at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL).
  • Founder and publisher of “The Hotel Yearbook”, a family of publications in which industry opinion leaders share their thoughts on the trends that will affect the future of the hotel business.
  • Author of “Hotel Yearbook 2036”, a special edition of “The Hotel Yearbook” taking a fictitious and sometimes whimsical look at the hotel industry 20 years in the future.

“We may not be able to predict the future, but we should be able to anticipate possible routes that it might take. Development executives should formulate strategy that is sufficiently flexible to adapt to an evolving market place. Scenario planning is an essential tool in helping distill blind uncertainty into a framework of possible outcomes, and an informed opinion of what the future might hold. That is what Woody Wade’s course is all about."

Gisle Sarheim, Vice President Development, Asia Pacific, Hilton Grand Vacation

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"Woody’s “Scenario Planning” offers an engaging and very informative take on envisioning possible situations and preparing for them. These perspectives, understanding how to identify trends and dealing with critical uncertainties, are very important in both the dynamic hospitality industry and the ever-changing global environment we operate in. "

- Andreas Mattmuller, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Middle East & Asia, Dubai

"Provocative and highly relevant"

- Tim Tobin, Former Vice President Global Learning and Leadership Development Marriott International

"...really gets you to see that you need to visualize different futures that you might find yourself operating in, not just a single projection of “the” future. Very eye-opening, and very enjoyable"

- Piers Brown, CEO, International Hospitality Media London

Frequently Asked Questions

What is scenario planning?
Scenario planning is a valuable, practically oriented foresight technique that allows you to visualize different ways the future might develop, such as: “How could the market for 5-star hotels develop in Greece?” With its structured approach, scenario planning helps you foresee your future competitive landscape and spot potential opportunities and challenges that would be likely to arise in different scenarios.
Why should I take this course?
You can apply scenario planning methodology to almost anything that will change over time. That means that it’s a useful approach for thinking about how just about every aspect of your business might be different in a few short years. In a fast-changing industry such as hospitality, scenario planning needs to be part of your toolkit.
Why this course instead of some other alternative?
This is the first and only online course dedicated to teaching hotel industry professionals everything you need to know about scenario planning so you can immediately apply the technique to assess futures your own business will face.
Who is this course for?
You should enroll in this course if you are responsible for business decisions that can have an impact on the future success of a company, no matter what size, in the hotel industry. This includes development executives, strategists, investment specialists and other senior managers, among others.
How long does it last?
It's up to you. You work at your own pace, so you can finish quickly or take your time.
What do I get when I complete the course?
When you’ve successfully worked through the course, you’ll receive a signed certificate confirming your new qualification as a “Scenario Tiger”. In addition, you’ll receive a voucher which entitles you to a substantial reduction in the engagement fee for a future scenario generation workshop facilitated in your organization by Woody Wade, or for a keynote address by Woody.